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Group Benefits

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The Barger Group offers a wide range of group benefits available to companies of all sizes. Whether you own a small private company or a large company with multiple locations, Barger offers group benefits that can serve your employees needs efficiently and affordably by working with top companies like United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many more.

Providing health care coverage to your employees is a benefit that is invaluable but for many companies, finding affordable benefits may seem out of reach. Talk to one of our experts today about how the Barger Group can make group health care coverage a reality for you and your team.

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Offering group life insurance options to your employees can be a benefit for both their families and your company. By working to consolidate life insurance coverage into a group package, Barger Group can help you attain more affordable rates and better coverage.

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The Barger Group can work with your company to provide a wide range of voluntary benefits you might not otherwise be able to manage. Allowing employees to choose the coverage they need can make benefits more affordable, easier to manage and more efficient.

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With both short-term and long-term options, Barger Group is able to provide a comprehensive list of disability benefit options for you and your company.

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Dental & vision insurance plans can be a huge benefit to your current employees and even a selling point to new hires. Offering these ancillary plans to your employees can help set your company apart and make sure that your employees, and their families, receive all the care that they need.

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