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Offering a wide range of personal, commercial and auto insurance polices, the Barger Group can help you with health and life, homeowner’s and renter’s, commercial liability and everything in-between. Because we work with quality insurance companies and dedicated, resourceful professionals, our team is ready to help you today. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our partners and helping each of our clients reach their goals in insurance, risk-management, and employee management.

The Barger Vision

At the Barger Group,  we strive to make sure that each one of our clients feels like they are our most important customer. We take the time to analyze everything about the businesses and individual customers we work with and make suggestions that we genuinely feel are in their best interest. When we make the right call, our relationships with our clients are symbiotic, we mutually benefit from their continued growth and success. That is always our number one priority; there is no lip service here.

We are focused on building relationships and partnerships with our clients, ones that can grow and mature over time as the company’s or family’s needs grow and change. Barger isn’t the kind of company that is interested in brief transactional work, we are invested in making sure that our partners become a part of our family for years to come.

Our professionals make it our businesses to know your business inside and out, to know what is best for your company, for your employees and even for your family.

Our Locations

106 Ferrell Ave., Suite 6
Kingsport, TN 37663

5571 Lago Villaggio Way
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